ADventures 6 – Of casting couches and coy cougars

01 Jun

The players:

Jack: Last name Ass. Second in command, and I use that term loosely, at the workplace. Hiroshima’s boss. And Neonderthal’s, therefore also Bonsai’s. Possesses disturbing tendency towards inappropriate comments.

Nina: 50 plus. Fit plus. Slutty plus. Inappropriate plus. Would have been a cougar if she had class. Would have been a good creative director if she had any creativity.

Steven Sycophant: Ad film director, has tendency to switch to his mother tongue in the middle and is frequently affronted that no one understands him. Licks Nina’s ass constantly.

Steven Sycophant: Wah Nina! You are so hot and cool at same time I say! Can I cast you in my next film? You can play Macbeth’s mother!

Nina: Tee hee! Really? You think I can act?

Steven: You can do anything! So how much will you pay me for doing a film? Don’t forget, I’m going to make you a star!

Nina: Tee hee! How much will you pay me? (coyly) No casting couch no?

Jack: Ahahaha. Director saar, you will be lucky to have Nina on a casting couch! Geddit? Geddit?

Steven (ignoring Jack): What ma? No money in filmsu wonly!

Nina: No money, no nudity! Tee hee!

Jack: Woo hoo! Nudity! Geddit? People with clothes off!

Me: (slump, hit head on table and die of embarrassment)


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2 responses to “ADventures 6 – Of casting couches and coy cougars

  1. umapathy

    April 27, 2011 at 7:05 pm

    i should have read this in appropriate time, so that i could have had a company to laugh with…

    • ranternraver

      April 28, 2011 at 2:52 pm

      Yes! Totally! Hahahahah! At least you can laugh now!


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