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Keeping Mum

So at home with ze muzzer because of so many reasons that need not be explained. Watching TV. A promo for “Knight and Day”, Tom Cruise movie going on.

Mum: Oooh. (Cough) Look, Tom Hanks.
Me: (Sigh) That’s not Tom Hanks.
Mum: Oh. Tom Selleck?
Me: No, that’s Tom Cruise.
Mum: Oh. He’s the one who plays that dumb guy?
Me: What? What?
Mum: You know, that dumb guy. That guy who’s not right in the head.
Me (outraged because its so un PC but its my goddamn MOTHER): NO MOM. THAT’S Tom Hanks. This is Tom Cruise.
Mum: Huh. Who knew? I always get confused between them.
Me: (even more puzzled) Between Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise? HOW?
Mum: Tom – Tom. That’s why. It’s not like they have a name like Garrison.
Me: (mystified) Who’s Garrison?
Mum: You know, that guy. Who’s in that action movie. Garrison.
Me: (just shaking head)
Mum: Oh ho. Garrison. Garrison. GARRISON.
Me: Garrison what???
Mum: The Indiana Jones guy! Garrison FORD!
Me: (grinning like a silly fool) Oh. That Garrison.
Mum: Yeah. (sniffle)

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Crossing the tracks

I’ve given into the dark side.
I’ve sold my soul to the devil.
I’ve abandoned my principles and beliefs, albeit reluctantly.

I’ve bought an Apple product. An iPod.

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