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Shut up everyone.

Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes.
Let’s amend this to say “Before you advise someone, think twice. Walk a mile in their shoes. And think a couple more times.”

Why can’t people mind their own business? Everyone wants to advise you and tell you how to do things.

It’s ridiculous.
I’M going through the situation, I’M reacting to it, I’M living with it on a day-to-day basis, sometimes on a minute-to-minute basis. And YOU want to tell me what to do?

It’s (sometimes) bearable when you ask for someone’s advice. But let’s face it. When you ask for someone’s advice, you’re not really asking their for their opinion. You just want them to ratify your opinion.

In which case, listening to someone drone on about a situation you already find unbearable, is..well, unbearable.

Everyone’s entitled to an opinion. Well, now that should be “Everyone is entitled to an opinion. And the person you’re airing it to, is entitled to tell you to keep yours to yourself. “

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The Marathi word for sleep.

When does Mumbai sleep?
Is it in that tired, post-alcoholic hazy hour between the last clubber going home and the first worker venturing out?

Is it after lunch and before chai, after bellies are filled and before cutting chai cravings are upon us?

It’s not any time between 4 and 12, when bellies are constantly being filled and throats are being un-parched.

Does Mumbai snatch forty winks between clubbers and diners after 12?

Is it after 2 or 3 when most people go home and the city belongs to the sea breeze?

Or is it before 5 am, before the smell of brewed cutting chai takes over the sea breeze’s empire and makes Mumbai its capital city?

It’s not anytime after 5 am – when Mumbai surges to life and flows like a river after the monsoon in all directions.

Or maybe Mumbai is a zombie and doesn’t zhop.

And in this land, where do I fit in? Should I even try?

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Miss Match

I don’t miss the constant rain.
I don’t miss the cold, the waking up with heel pain.
I don’t miss the traffic jams, the sore butt with sitting on my bike all the time.
I don’t miss the needle sharp rain on my face and neck.
I don’t miss the pedestrians addled with mad fool disease.

Do I miss lazing in the morning under my warm, cozy rug?
Do I miss mom’s cooking – the comfort of knowing that you’re in your own house and can do what you want?
Do I miss walking through my house, my comfy home slippers slapping against my heels?
Do I miss eating what I want, whether light or heavy?
Do I miss eating vegetables I can identify and know the names of?
Do I miss my dad puttering around the house, stealing my bookmarks?
Do I miss quiet mornings?
Do I miss home?

Is it that obvious?

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Follow Up Cover Letter

Yo Bitch

Ssup with the not hiring?
You too good for me now?

Homie Got it Goin ON!

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Cover Application letter from the ‘hood

Yo Biyotch

Gimme a job yo, one that pays dough.

Holla back!
Homie in Da HOUZ!

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