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I wish I’d done this. A long copy ad by Meteorite London.

One of 21 other lovely long copy ads.

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ADventures 7 – It’s QUITTING DAY!!!

The title is the name of a jingle Hiroshima invented when she quit at our last workplace.
She actually woke up early, and woke me up to bawl it into my sleep tenderized ear.
Today, I sang too.
I’ve been in my current job for a little over two months.
I hated it, and my boss right from the first day. This is a man who has no expression on his face, no matter what happens. Happy? Sad? Drunk? Constipated? You just can’t tell with this guy. Ideally, I’d call him the Sphinx. But since he sucks so much, I call him the Stinx.
That pretty much describes his creative and boss-ive abilities as well.

By the second week, I wanted to leave. And was really jittery taking a house as well.  By the end of the first month, I hated my new job, I’d found and lost two potential houses, my grandfather had had a stroke, and I was miserable, homesick and extremely demoralised.

I moved to Mumbai to change fields. But with each passing hour, I kept wondering if I was a fool to sit here and get depressed in this job, hoping that something might or might not happen in six months.

Moving in no time is fairly common in advertising. So after many many rationalising sessions, many self-justifications and guilt trips to the moon on my own and with friends, I decided to quit. And fixed a date.
And then moved it up because I couldn’t stand the place.

So this morning, I called Hiroshima. And sang, “ITS QUITTING DAYYYY!”
Then, I went in to work. Approached my boss.
And in my best, I’m-so-sorry-but-I’m-helpless voice, I laid it out.

Me: Hi. Got a minute?
The Stinx: No change of expression.

Me: So, after my grandfather’s stroke, my parents have been very stressed. And they’re finding the going very difficult. And they’ve asked if I’ll come home. And its all gone back and forth a lot, and basically I’ve agreed. So…
The Stinx: No change of expression.

Me: Er. Yeah. So.
The Stinx: (FINALLY) So, when would you like to leave?
Me (thinking that was easy, he can’t wait to have me out): Um, No, I’ll serve notice and go. (I need to, I need the money!)
The Stinx: No change of expression.
Me: Er. So…(making hand gestures that are supposed to mean “Can I go? but end up looking obscene.)
The Stinx: Actually, I’d prefer you hold on till Monday, when the super boss is back….
Me: Okay…okay…but my dates will stay the same.
The Stinx: (Expression changes from irritated to…more irritated) Why? What do you mean?
Me: I’d like to be done by the 25th.
The Stinx: No change of expression.

Me: (Words are pouring out like endless rain to fill this empty pot) So by Christmas.
The Stinx: What?? 25th of December???
Me: (wondering when else Christmas is celebrated) Yes.
The Stinx: No change of expression.

Me: (Pick an expression. Any expression.) Er. Yes. So.
The Stinx: No change of expression.
The Stinx: But how can you serve only 15 days?
Me (because it says so on my contract?) …. Er. Um. Because…
The Stinx: (cutting me off expressionlessly): I have to check this. (turns his face away from me, expressionlessly)
Me: (looking at him, realising that I’ve dismissed, pick up my ers and scoot)


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