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Word Prompt 19 – Ring

He stared at the ceiling vacantly. Another week gone by, and still no closer to a solution.
Sighing, he threw his quill into the fire.
The resulting crackle of flames drew the attention of his housekeeper, Mrs. Stevenson.
She bustled in, demanding, “What was that?!”
He continued to stare.
Mrs Stevenson bristled. “Well, sir, if this is going to continue then you will force my hand,” she said threateningly.
He pretended deafness.
Mrs Stevenson continued, “Just look at yerself, sir, is this any way to behave? The filth in this room, the heat, the soot in the fireplace, why, the black rings under your eyes! Dr Jekyll, really! You must give up these experiments.”
Dr Jekyll continued to stare at the ceiling, as Mrs Stevenson huffed out of the room.

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