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Saint Valentine

Flash fiction 21 – Word Prompt – Love

Her eyes fluttered open sluggishly.
She didn’t know where she was.¬†She couldn’t remember yesterday.
She grimaced, and then regretted it. Her head hurt like hell on the left side. She began to frame a thought about why and went still as memory slapped her in the face.

She’d been thrown into a car. She’d walked out of school planning her defense against a lunch of broccoli.
Then suddenly, her feet had gone off the ground, her head had hit something hard, and the world went black.
She opened her mouth and then realised that she couldn’t feel her tongue.
Fear dropped like a stone in her stomach, till she realised that there was some cloth stuffed in her mouth, and her tongue was fine.
She started to raise her arm to take the cloth out – and realised that her arms were numb, and behind her back, with some sort of rope around them. And her legs too.
She looked up. And saw him sitting on a chair. The knife in his hand glinted at her.
She stared at him, realising that a numb tongue and numb arms were the least of her problems.
He smiled and leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees. The “LOVE” tattoo on his arm undulated.
She began to cry, keening sounds escaping her gagged mouth.
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Flash fiction 20 – Word Prompt: Flag

“Don’t look down, don’t look down, don’t look down,” he mumbled to himself.
The blizzard continued unabated, the Gods ignoring his pleas. Sluggishly, he moved his pick axe and tried to get a grip in the surface. Not even a dent. Too weak. Try again.
Cursing the impulses that brought him here, cursing his own determination, he tried again. Turned out cursing really was good for the soul.
A deep gouge in the surface of the icy rock glared back at him. For all he knew, the mountain would take revenge for all these wounds he was inflicting. Praying to every God he knew of, louder than the howling wind, he heaved himself up and swung his axe again.
He couldn’t feel his legs anymore, it was that cold. He couldn’t feel his nose anymore. With the snow blowing all around his face, he couldn’t even see his nose anymore. The thin air seemed to elude his lungs, taunting him with breathlessness. He felt constricted, hemmed in. He reached his other hand down to feel the one sign of evidence of his endeavour.

The flag.
And realised, in slow mounting horror, that it was gone.

The side of the mountain opened up. A cave like hole in the mountain’s side boomed, “You fool! Why have you turned the AC up on high again?”
Arjun awoke with a start. His wife was yelling at him about the AC settings again. Rubbing his eyes, he shivered out of bed to turn it down.

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