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Six and half a dozen

“Do you understand what I’m saying?” she asked.
I didn’t. Ever since I’d met her eight months ago, there hadn’t been one day or one conversation in which we understood each other. Different planets didn’t even begin to describe the distance between us.

“Do you understand?” she asked.
I’d stopped trying to make her understand that I didn’t understand her months ago.
“Sure,” I said.

I turned and pretended to sleep. Maybe sleep would get me an entrance into her world. Into her mind.

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Pro choice

“So. Last chance. For the 500th time, are you coming or not?” he asked.
“I told you, I don’t want to see the Dark Knight Rises. Stop pressurizing me.” she replied exasperatedly.

He took a deep breath. And looked away.
Irritated, she asked, “Did you marry me so you could force me into going to movies with you?”

He remained silent. Then picked up his book and started to walk out of the room.
“Go ahead. Ignore me. Force me into suffering for being honest,” she taunted.

He stopped. Turned. “Force you to suffer, force you to watch movies, force you to cook, force you to visit my mother, force you to touch me so I can feel human once in a year. If you hadn’t “forced” me to marry you, we’d both be free.”
He walked out of the room.

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