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I looked at her. And felt the words swell up in my mouth. But I had to say them. It was already almost too late.
“Virginia, I’m so sorry. Really I am. I wish this could end differently. But. We just aren’t working anymore. You know? I can’t depend on you. And I’m tired of paying your huge bills.”

She remained silent, staring at me vacantly. I soldiered on. “Please know that I wish you well. If there was anything else I could do for you, I would. I’m so sorry.”

I stopped speaking. The tears welled up in my eyes. After fourteen years of being together, I was saying goodbye. We’d known each other since college. And through first jobs. And then second. And first loves. And seconds. She’d waited for me when I went off to parts unknown to work or study. And I’d always come back to find her arms wide open, ready to support me in every way.

And now. I had to say goodbye. And trade her in for a new model.
I sighed and stroked the seat of my Kinetic Honda. It was hard saying goodbye to a bike that had seen you through teenage, your twenties and your thirties as well. A bike that I’d cried on, laughed on, babbled on, like a crazy person to myself and even guiltily broke the law by using a mobile phone on.

Goodbye Betsy Virginia Matilda. You were awesome enough for three names.


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Wedding Night

Hotels always make a killing on honeymoon suites. It’s a proven fact. Rooms priced at three or four times the cash, just so two people can delude themselves into that thinking that the fumbling sex they’re having there is somehow “special”.

Please. Even uneducated fleas do it. And without spending a bomb.

I inspected the fresh flowers on the low table in the sitting room of the suite. Lillies. Pricey. This room would probably cost five times as much.

The bed was fitted with silk sheets. Sexy, maybe but who could sleep on them? Of course, nudge nudge, wink wink, couples on their wedding night shouldn’t actually be sleeping, God forbid. Or may be not God. I think He/She just┬ásolemnizes┬áthese things and then averts His/Her gaze.

The suite is gleaming. An army of hotel housekeeping must have been up here, cleaning like their jobs depended on it. Hah. See what I did there?

The door opens and my newly wedded husband walks in. I force a smile. Married for two hours and I already wanted a divorce. It was going to be a long night.


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