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Daddy’s little girl

“You did, Dad”.

“No, I never did. I wouldn’t have. You’re imagining things.”

“Dad, why would I imagine something like this? You did say it. When you came to pick me up at the airport that day, the first thing you said, after not seeing me for a year, was “How come you’re still fat? I thought you would have lost weight by now”.

“WHY would I say that to you? You make this things up. You always have done, even when you were a child.”

“Oh sure. Dad, you said it. And that’s why I’m so red-eyed in this photo. I’d just finished crying in my room.”

“What rubbish. I didn’t say it. This is just like that time when you said I called you a buffalo. I never did that either.”

“Sure Dad. Whatever you say. I wish my memory was as beneficial as yours is.”

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Posted by on August 18, 2013 in Fiction